Workshops Overview

Series A trains and empowers women and minority-led businesses to position their businesses for alternative funding through workshops covering all aspects of obtaining alternative financing. 

While a portion of the program will focus on the actual pitch presentation, a common area of emphasis, our workshops focus on teaching all aspects of what angels and VCs are looking for when they invest, including Financial Reporting, Intellectual Property/Legal, Structuring the Deal, and Delivery.  

3-Day Workshop

Getting Funded 101:  How to Position Your Business for Angel Investors

A team of angel investors, attorneys, accountants, and business women will teach the fundamental elements necessary to position your start-up for angel and venture capital funding. All elements necessary to attract equity investors will be covered, including financial documentation, firm structure, intellectual property protection, administration and leadership, as well as market analysis. The class is designed for early-stage firms that are preparing to move beyond the friends and family stage of raising capital to a first round investment from an angel investor. The course will also provide basic information, including key terms, what angels are looking for, deal breakers, information to include, questions to expect, and all aspects of the typical due diligence angel investing process. You’ve got one shot, you want to make sure you get it right.

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Workshops are held at least bi-monthly in various cities across the U.S. Click here to find out upcoming workshop dates and locations. If you are interested in bringing a Series A workshop to your area, visit the Contact Page and send a message to our team for follow-up.